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AutomateNow is a South Australian automation integration company providing intelligent control system solutions for domestic and industrial applications.

From conceptual design to installation and commissioning and right through to maintenance and support, we work with our clients to create unified, secure and robust solutions to meet their needs.

With a wide range of expertise in smart home automation, industrial control systems and the education sector, we can help you with your automation requirements.

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16th Septemeber 2013

Welcome to our new website, we will be adding further content and case studies over the next few months. Please continue to come back to our site and check out what's new.



Games room smart home automation system

This green system uses light level, motion and temperature sensors to automatically control or turn off dimmable lighting and central heating and cooling.

The family can also select various special function modes on either the one press wall panels as well as iPhone and iPad apps to set the RGB LEDs, Danceclub strobes, Pooltable lighting, bar systems, Media Centre linked Projector and sound system to precofigured states or sequences.

A Wall mounted touch screen is also used to allow manual control of each component individually.

AutomateNow designed the system, provided and installed all of the sensors, lights, cabling and control system hardware and equipment, programmed the functionality to the user requirements and developed all of the touchscreen and iPhone\iPad apps.

Windtunnel Safety and Controls Electrical Design & Programming

As a part of the University's Windtunnel project, AutomateNow designed, installed and programmed the windtunnel's Safety system, the remote control functionality and human interface module for the Variable Speed Drives and controls for the Anti-condensation heaters.

Aside from this we helped to troubleshoot and improve upon the original control system and provided detailed electrical drawings as well as User manuals and Maintenance documentation for the entire control system.


Programming & support of manufacturing processes

One of our clients is a highly automated Tier 1 Automotive manufacturing company that produces all of the GMH car axles in a demanding Just in Time Just In Sequence assembly process.

Aside from their PLC, HMI and SCADA systems, they have a wide range of automated equipment including Automatic Guided Vehicles, Industrial Robots, Automated torque and press equipment, RFID Data Tag Read\Writers, Conveyor systems, Light curtains, Laser scanners and distance sensors and Industrial Vision Systems for error proofing.

AutomateNow provides ongoing process design, change implementation, management and production support services for all of their production processes and equipment.

Emergency Generator Set Consultancy & PLC Upgrade

This project required the design, programming, testing and commissioning of the Ceduna District Hospital's Emergency Generator Set's Minimum Import Power protection for synchronisation with ETSA Utilities.

AutomateNow additionally undertook the programming, testing and commissioning of the Generator Controller for a new Power Failure Mode, Local and BMS triggered Generator Load Testing functions and a Maximum Demand management mode.